How to Transfer Telegram to New Phone

How to transfer T Like Facebook Messenger, it is one of the Multi-Device platforms. Here, you can easily switch the account from one device to another. We don’t need to face the problem of restoring the chat, media, and messages like on WhatsApp.

Telegram is one of the finest messaging and social apps that features much compared to normal messaging apps. It’s not just a messaging app but a platform for a larger number of files and information. 

The primary reason to transfer Telegram to a new phone is either you will change the number of your existing Telegram account or switch to the new phone.

How to Transfer Telegram Chats from an old phone to a new one

It is often a question that arises when setting up a new phone. Is it possible to copy the content and data of previous devices? This method is best if you’re changing your phone or device. It is possible to transfer chats from an old phone to a new one without a Telegram backup.

  • Get the Telegram app for your new device at the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple).
  • Open Telegram using your login credentials.
  • Once you log in successfully, all chat messages you’ve previously sent are available to you unless you have deleted them manually.
  • However, this procedure only works if you use a new cell phone but still have the same number.

Telegram allows you to access all chats and messages without creating a backup. It works just like Messenger chat, where you can access all chats even if you log in from another device.

WhatsApp backups can be uploaded or connected to the cloud. This will allow you to restore your messages and chats.

How to Transfer Telegram Chat to a New phone after a number Change

Telegram features include a fast data transfer speed, many functions, and a user-friendly interface. They also offer enhanced security. Application developers follow the policy of total transparency. 

You can easily modify the number on your Telegram account and continue using that number. You can easily change the number of your Telegram account and access all your messages, media, and contacts. This is not an account change but a number change.

  • Tap on the options bar (three vertical lines are on the top left side).
  • Choose Settings from there. It opens the profile dashboard and settings options on your screen.
  • Under Account, you can see your current mobile number. Just tap on that.
How to Transfer Telegram Chat to New phone after number Change
  • Tap on Change Number. It opens the pop-up window by messaging you the special notes regarding the effect of changing the number.
  • Just tap on Change
Transfer Telegram Chats from an old phone to a new one
  • Now enter the new mobile number there and tick on the sign.
  • Finally Done.

How do you back up secret telegram chat?

Telegram’s security features are undoubtedly one of its major selling points. However, there is one drawback: You can’t back up your secret conversations or move them to another device if your phone is not rooted.

Telegram’s Secret Chats is a privacy-oriented and more secure chat feature Telegram. It allows users to have a conversation that is encrypted from the beginning and stored on Telegram’s-servers. This means that only the recipient and you can see the messages.

Even if the message is intercepted, an attacker would not be able to see it because you and the other party share the encryption keys. You cannot send them to another party, so You will delete them on one side if they are deleted on the opposite side. You can also set them to self-destruct so no one has a copy.


  • Rooted Android phone (You must root both phones/Jailbreak)
  • Titanium Backup Pro

To copy your license key to Titanium Backup, install Titanium Backup, and press Enter. You will need to grant Titanium Backup root access and its permissions. You are now ready to restore secret chats.

  • Open Titanium Backup by tapping on the menu button at the top right. Next, tap Preferences.
  • Scroll down to the section Restoration Settings.
  • Select Restore external data and then tap on Restorative settings.
  • Ensure always associate the selected Account, and the Switch data profile is ticked.
  • To return to the main screen, tap back and again.
  • Click on the Restore or Backup button at the top of the main screen. You can search for Telegram in the search bar, scroll down until Telegram is at the bottom of the list, and tap on it.
  • Tap Restore in the dialogue box.
  • You will be asked if you want to restore the app only or the app+Data.
  • Select App+Data. The restoration process will begin.

If you have chosen to encrypt your backup, you will be asked for your password. You will be asked to authorize the system to install these apps from this third-party source.

When the restore dialog box disappears, your restoration should be complete. It would help if you now had all your Telegram messages and media ready for you. Keep in mind that your secret chats from the past will still be available for you to read. However, you will need to create a secret chat with your contacts to send new messages.

Transfer Chat History on Telegram

To transfer chat history from an existing Telegram account to your Telegram archiver app (TM TLGRM), you will need to first link your existing Telegram account with your new enterprise number.

  • Change the Telegram account’s mobile phone number to your new mobile number.
  • Install Telephone Telegram Archiver, and log in with your new company number
  • Sign up for a new Telegram account using your mobile number to uninstall the Telegram standard application.


What’s Telegram termination?

Telegram lets you terminate any session you don’t recognize on your current device. You should check this list regularly. We suggest removing anything you don’t recognize. 

How do I hide my Telegram phone number?

Open the “Settings” in the lower right corner of Telegram to open it.
Tap “Privacy & Security” Tap on the “Phone number.”
Choose the option, “My Contacts” or “Nobody“.
Tap on Nobody to hide your mobile number from all users.

What happens if I delete my Telegram account?

If you deactivate your Telegram account, You will permanently delete your contact lists, messages, and groups. You cannot undo the deactivation. You can’t reactivate Telegram accounts. All messages, channels, and contact lists will be lost.

What happens when I change my Telegram number?

As we said earlier, you don’t have to start over if you change your Telegram number. You will not lose access to your chat history, messages, chat history, and contacts. You will also transfer your blocked users to your new number.

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