How to Stop Google Photos Backup

Google Continuously uploads your photos from your phone or Desktop. This is an automatic process that syncs the photos and videos of your device with an active internet connection. Google Photos App is one of the best ways to get back up our Gallery photos easily. But still, the searches are based on How to Stop Google Photos Backup.

Its Backup features let you get the same files on other connected devices too. It’s the best way to create an ecosystem of your photos that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Although photo backup features by Google Photos is one of the coolest features loved by many users. Still, it’s not favorable for some users who want not to share their gallery albums even on their server.

Reason: Why People Don’t Want to Backup?

To back up the photos make it easy to get access those photos anywhere from any device. Also, this process helps to restore the photos if you had deleted those original copies from the phone. Still want to know, why people want to Stop Photos Backup in Google? Check this,

  • Storage Issues on your Drive. Gdrive Offers the 15GB Space for all which is used for the mail storing too. If the store gets full with the photos then you can’t receive the furthermore.
  • Security. Still, now some people don’t trust such an online drive to store files.
  • Slow and Stuck in Backup. With a high-speed internet connection too the backup process is far slower than Normal file uploading.

How to Stop Google Photos Backup

When you get an active internet connection then Your Google Photos app starts to take the backup of each photo. It will get uploaded to the Drive of your Gmail account. It’s one of the safe clouds to store your photos and other documents.

How to Stop Google Photos Backup on Android Phone

Many Android phones these days come with some pre-installed apps by Google. Among them, Google Photos is that. Most Android users use it as their default gallery app. 

Getting back up in your Android is easy and secure too. Still, if you do not think it is the best way then you can stop it from backing up the process.

Method II – Disabling Auto Backup & Sync

If you Disable auto-backup features then the System doesn’t back up a single photo from your device. Disabling the auto backup & sync features is not a big deal. Check this, Go to the Profile from the app and tap on the Photo Settings there. It will open the new Window from where you can get other options of Settings.

  • Under Settings, you have to tap on the Backup & sync options. It will open the new window of the Backup & sync
  • Now, just toggle the 1st option of Backup & Sync. 
  • Finally done.

Method II – Remove the Gmail Account

Removing or Logging out of that Gmail Account from the Photos App is another option for this solution. Here you just need to remove the account and that’s okay.

  • Go to the Profile Icon by tapping on the top-right edge. It will open the options there.
  • Now, tap on Manage your Google Account. It will open a new window on your phone’s screen. From here you can see all your connected Gmail Accounts there. 
  • From there you have to tap on Manage accounts on this device. Now, choose the Particular Gmail account.
  • Simply tap on Remove Account. It displays the pop-up window. Simply tap on Remove Account.

Method III – Uninstall and Use Default Gallery App

The easiest method for you to stop backing up the photos is just by Uninstalling the Photos App from your Android device. Just uninstall this app and start using your Prebuilt Gallery App by the Manufacturer company.

How to Stop Google Photos Backup on iPhone

The backing up process doesn’t take enough time. It’s really easy to go through it. After backup, you can easily access those photos just by signing with Gamil Account on any other devices too.

Method I – Turning Off Backup and Sync

By default, Google Photos can’t start to backup your photos. You have to set the backup options before this. If you had enabled the auto backup settings then this App lets you Create a Backup. By stopping the Backup & Sync features you can get rid of this problem.

  • Open the Google Photos App on your Android phone and then tap on the Profile icon shown on the top edge of the screen.
  • Scroll down and go to the Photos Settings there. 
  • Now, you have to tap on the Backup & Sync options there. It opens the next window. Now here you have to configure the settings.
  • Toggle it to the left to get turn off the Backup & Sync.
  • Finally done.

This process lets your Photos App not take the Backup of your photos and media. You can also enable this by following the same steps in the future.

Method II – Logout the Gmail Account

If you remove the Google Account from the photos app then it suddenly disables and uploads features. Without any linked Google Account it can’t take a backup of your photos. 

  • Open the App and then tap on the Profile Picture.
  • After that tap on the downward-facing arrow and it will open the next window.
  • Tap on the Manage accounts on this device. From here you can easily remove the connected Gmail Account.
  • On the pop-up, just tap on the Remove
  • Finally done.

Method III – Uninstall the App

The best idea that helps you get rid of all of this is by uninstalling the apps from your phone. Google lets you delete this app easily from your phone. So, just remove this app from your phone. 

We have the default Gallery app on each phone. So, don’t worry about it.

How to Stop Google Photos on PC

If you are using a PC then it’s not recommended to use Google Photos. In short, just uninstall Google Photos if you had installed it. Because by default we got the Microsoft Photos App for the photos. 

Besides, this you can also follow the other methods we mentioned for iPhone and Android to Stop Auto Photos Backup on PC.

How to Stop Google Photos Backup (Conclusion)

We all want more flexibility in our life. Backing up and restoring in need is one of the easiest and most effective ways to restore lost data. In terms of Google Photos, it’s also the same. But some users used to neglect it because of the Privacy, Slow process, and other reason.

If you are these people then definitely you got an idea of how you can stop Google photos backup from your Android, iPhone, and PC easily.

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