How to See Who Unfollowed you on Instagram

Instagram notifies you when someone follows there. Whenever someone follows you there then Instagram suddenly notifies you via notifications. But I don’t notice when someone unfollows you there. That’s why it may be curious for some users like you. For this, we made a tutorial on How to See Who Unfollowed you on Instagram.

How to See Who Unfollowed you on Instagram

Instagram notifies its users instantly after getting anything there. When you receive the messages, or someone calling you on, or started following, it notifies you instantly. But we miss out on the notifications regarding the one who unfollows us. 

With the new features of Instagram, Accounts You Don’t Follow Back allows you to categorize the list of followers easily. Finding out the way that we can see the list of unfollowers is done with some tactful steps or by taking the help of third-party apps. 

 Method I – See Who Unfollowed your Manually: Tricky but May not Effective

If you don’t have a huge number of fan followers on your Instagram ID then you can simply use this technique. It’s one of the simple and easy steps that you can follow to check whether the contacts you know are still following you or not. 

Here you just need to find out the ID of the followers and check whether they’re still following or not. Check these steps, Open your Profile on Instagram App and then see the number of followers. If you have remembered the number of followers then you can easily get the statics idea that someone unfollows you.

  • Tap on the follower’s sections, now you can see the name of the all followers. If you have missed out on some followers then simply tap on the Search bar and start searching for the Account username that you may know.
  • If that’s still there then check whether s/he is still following you or not.
  • That sit.

Method II – How to See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram 

Before installing the third-party apps on your Android phone let’s try another method. It’s one of the safe and secure methods to get some ideas about who unfollowed you. From the security options of your phone, you can access this easily. Here’s how,

  • Tap on the profile or directly go to the Settings of your phone. 
  • From Settings, you’ve to choose the See more in Accounts Centre>Your information and permissions options there.
  • Tap on Request Download, Download Data there. Here we are downloading our Instagram data like on Facebook to see all the data of our account.
  • Wait for a few hours as per the size of the data on your account. Check down your email and down the information.
  • Now, from there you can see all the details of whom the followers, who follow you, or unfollows, and all about your account.

Method III – See who Unfollowed You Using the Third-Party Apps

Using the third-party apps you can get an idea of who has unfollowed you. These types of apps collect the data from your account and list the followers and following accounts to you. 

From the number of apps to check Instagram unfollowers here we have mentioned the list of best for you. Getting a better result and a list of unfollowers is here, check these apps.

Follow Meter

Follow Meter lets you find out the core details and information regarding your account. It helps you to know about the unfollowers including the ghost followers. Here you have to get logged in with your Instagram login credentials.

When you get logged in there it will show the list of accounts you are not following, accounts that are not following, and accounts you are following there. 

Followers and UnFollowers

Another best app that lets you do your work is Followers & Followers. This app works in finding the unfollowers from your account. If someone unfollowed you then you can track their details within a single tap. 

This app allows you to find out the 1st 50 people who don’t follow you back. Besides, there is also an option to white-list the people who are not following. Additionally, it helps you to get the details of the mutual followers more.

Like Follow Meter this app deals with the details of people who are not following you, following you, and followed by you.

Followers Tracker Pro

For iPhone users, it is the notable app used for finding out the unfollowers on Instagram. Here the name of the app suggests it’s a Pro app. It’s a Pro app for iPhone users to see who unfollowed them. Although this app is titled with Pro it’s free to download.

Its simple UI makes you feel easier to use. This app lets you see the list of followers. Here you can find the New Followers, Lost Followers (Who Unfollowed You), Are not following Back, I’m not following back including the Deleted Likes & Comments.

So, here we are for Lost Followers. To see who unfollowed you’ve to tap on the Lost Followers option and then you can find the list of Unfollowers. 

Additionally, you can also check out the Ghost Followers by moving to the deep of the followers there. With its regular update, you don’t need to miss out on such a Pro features app on your phone.

Method IV – Tracking your Followers Timely

So, one of the regular habits that you can set to notice the unfollowers and followers you can keep on tracking them daily. Yes, it’s one of the quite tricky steps that you can adopt to get the changes in your account at a time. Here you can keep on checking the number of followers and their profile in mind or somewhere. Taking the regular screenshot or noting the followers in a notepad may be quite an unhealthy way but it clears the followers you have.


How can I Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is made for sharing photos rather than text or other links on it. Sharing eye-catchy photos including optimized hashtags are the best way to grab more followers.

How many people can I follow on Instagram?

By default, Instagram allows users to follow up to 7500 accounts. If you cross over it then Instagram will let your account be in the list of spam and junk account.

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