How to fix Snapchat Crashing on iPhone (11 Easy Fixes)

How to fix Snapchat Crashing on iPhone (2022): Snapchat uses to get not respond while using it for a longer time on any platform. In simple, updating Snapchat to the latest version is one of the finest solutions to do. But sometimes updating Snapchat is not work at all. So here you will see How to fix Snapchat Crashing on iPhone.

Snapchat features the users to capture the moments with effects, used for chatting like Messenger and many more. Although an updated version of the app works fine but fails to function properly. We’ve noticed the app used to get frozen and starts not to respond.

Why did Snapchat Get Crash on iPhone?

There may not be a single reason behind crashing Snapchat app on your iPhone. Here is a possible reason that clears how and why your iPhone fails to run the App Smoothly.

Outdated Version: If the Snapchat app running on your iPhone is outdated then definitely it fails to perform well. The outdated version missed out on the latest core updates that are necessary for smooth functioning.

Incompatible Version: Sometimes using the app on an incompatible version also lets you freeze it. It’s seen more in Android phones.

Server Down: The problem incurred in the system server of Snapchat also lets you stop functioning properly. Yes, it’s the problem. So, you need to check out the status of the server.

Internet Problem: If your Internet connection is not active then you can’t find it to work properly. Here I mean, if your internet doesn’t work then it can’t.

VPN: If your iPhone is connected with the VPN then it gets confused to work properly. This will directly affect security. It means, that VPN interrupts the functioning of the App System.

Snapchat keeps closing every time I open it. Here’s how you can fix it.

How to fix Snapchat Crashing on iPhone: (Snapchat not Working Fixed)

As compared to the Messenger App this app used to get frozen more. If this is the case for you too then you can apply some special tips. Here’s an idle solution for you to get fix this problem in a few minutes.

Update your iOS to Latest Version

It’s one of the basic things to be considered to fix any software-related issues in any device. Updating the iOS to the latest version lets your device fix all the possible software-related problems in a minute. 

So, if your iPhone got an update then don’t be late, just go and update it. 

  • Go to the Settings and then tap on General from there.
  • From General tap on the Software Update
  • If an update is available there then just download and update and restart your device.

Clearing the Cache of Snapchat

Cache files are mandatory to run any apps. So, building the cache by the apps in your system is good. But if the amount of cache files in your system gets more then it causes a somehow negative impact too. Yes, because of this it’s better to clear the cache files of this app.

  • The cache files are just like temporary files used to run the app smoothly. Clearing the cache history is an ultimate solution for this, check this,
  • Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone and then go to the Profile there.
  • Under the profile tap on the Settings given there. 
How to fix Snapchat Crashing on iPhone - Clearing the Cache of Snapchat
  • Move towards the Account Actions and then tap on Clear Cache.
  • Finally done.

This step lets your app get free from the number of caches that not only consumes space but slows down your App and device too. Additionally, you can also clear the App Date from the Settings App of your iPhone.

Update Snapchat App

You have to make sure that you are using an updated Snapchat on your iPhone. If not then it’s time to update it. Just go to the App Store and update it.

  • Go to the App Store and tap on the Profile showing the top edge of your screen.
  • Or simply search for the app, Snapchat there. 
  • Tap on Update, and wait until get updated.
  • Finally done.

Re-Installing the App

If you had tried out all the App steps then are still not able to fix it then you can try out re-installing it. Just delete the app and then again download it from the App Store. 

  • Find the app, tap, and hold. It opens some quick pop-up options there.
  • Tap on Delete App, again it asks you to confirm the decision on the pop-up box. Simply tap on Delete, and finally done.
How to fix Snapchat Crashing on iPhone- Re-Installing the App


  • Go to the App Store, search the app, Snapchat,
  • Now, tap on Install, and wait until the download process gets complete.
  • After that, you can open and get logged in with your details.
  • Now, notice whether the app is responding correctly or not.

Check out the Server Status of Snapchat

Although you are running in the latest version of Snapchat then you must need to check out the server status of Snapchat in the Search engine. Yes, it’s just a technology, sometimes errors occur. That’s why checking out the Status of your Snapchat is a wise decision for you.

Different blogs and news journal lets you know the current status of Snapchat easily.

Use an Active Internet Connection

Many apps consume heavy bandwidth while starting it. Yes, Snapchat also needs some data to load before accessing the content better. That your device must need to get connected with an active internet connection.

Quit and Open it Again

Most of the users used to quit the app and relaunch it if it gets crashed or did not function correctly. Yes, you can simply Quit the app at the time of crashing or not responding.

After that try again by opening the app. In many situations, this method is worth it and works. 

Disable VPN Services

Many users have a habit of keeping on connecting their devices with a VPN connection. Connecting the VPN to your device is a good thing but sometimes it becomes a problem too. Yes, VPN Changes your current location to the next state or country.

Because of this, the Server of Snapchat gets confused about the exact live location. This leads to a problem with your Snapchat connection. In short, it will interfere with the connection of Snapchat. Open the Settings App on your iPhone and then move towards the General>VPN & Device Management>VPN.

Snapchat Crashing on iPhone- disable vpn
  • Here it shows the VPN Status. Check on it and disable it.

Go for Original Snapchat

Sometimes we can find the clone apps in the App store like in Android. So, you have to make sure that you are using an original Snapchat on your device. For that, you need to check the Downloads there.

An original Snapchat has Millions of downloads and reviews. So, find the original then install it.

Enable Background Processing (Background App Refresh)

The background process lets any apps running in the background it can update the required notifications, settings, and data to make them easy to access. Yes, it makes your apps get updated even if you don’t open them.

fix Snapchat Crashing on iPhone- Enable Background Processing
  • Go to the Settings App and then move towards the General>Background>App Refresh.
  • From there you have to find out the Snapchat.
  • Simply toggle it to on.
  • Finally Done.

After applying this setting your App will keep on consuming some CPU, Memory, and Internet connection to keep on updating it. Here iPhone lets you enable these features in each app. So, you don’t need to worry about battery draining problems too.

Reset your Phone Data

Resetting the phone is the last option to try for you if it’s your Phone problem. Yes, you can reset it easily if you have a problem related to it. Here you need to reset your iPhone manually. 

Wait wait, don’t forget to take the backup of your files and date before forwarding these steps.

  • Shut down your device at first.
  • Now, press and release the volume+ button and volume- button simultaneously. 
  • After that, keep on holding the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Now, hold down the volume- button and side button once, and wait until the logo pop-up out.
  • Now, reset the device here.


App crashing is one of the basic problems seen in any device. On iPhone, the App used to get crash and not respond due to some problems. So, here you just need to find out the possible problems that let the app not to function correctly.

In many cases, updating the app and iPhone to the latest OS fix this issue. Also, you can try out checking the current status of Snapchat from a search engine like Google. For assistance, we deal with the method on How to fix Snapchat crashing on iPhone step by step 2022.


Why Snapchat could not connect to iPhone? 

Sometimes iPhone fails to get logged in your iPhone. It’s common to get this problem on Snapchat. This is because of lack of active internet connection or in-app errors lets you get to suffer from this problem.
Updating the app to the latest version is also the solution to try.

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