How to Fix iPhone Charger

If your iPhone can’t get charged, you must be sure there’s something wrong with it. Yes, sometimes our iPhone also faces the problems like Android devices. If this is the case, you must find out the correct reason behind it to go for How to Fix iPhone Charger.

When it comes to fixing iPhone chargers, there’s not much you can do unless you know your way around a soldering iron. If you are suffering from problems, first isolate the issue to see whether it’s the wall plug, lightning to USB cable, or power adapter.

 If this is the case, your best option is to buy a new one. Also, you can move from the Wireless option if your iPhone supports it.

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Fix iPhone Charger: Try these 4 Fixes

There are different methods to get the iPhone charger back to work. There may be another reason for your phone charger not working. Here are the solutions to fix your iPhone Charger.

There are two main reasons for the phone not getting charged. At first, if your phone has a problem, the second is a problem with your phone’s Charger.

In your iPhone chargers, there are different components. So, here you must find out the defect on the right parts to fix that problem and make your phone get charged. How to fix iPhone charger not working?

Rectify the Problem

It’s better to find out the problem before going to its solution. Mainly, when your iPhone charger gets damaged, it may be due to the damage to the cable or the charger adaptor. Here it would help if you needed to consider the different things as here,

Check your Wall Socket

The primary thing that you need to check is whether the problem is in your Charger or the socket. If the problem is in your wall socket, then your must need to repair or change the socket.

If your iPhone still can’t get charged after changing the socket, you need to change the Charger to find out which components of the Charger are not functioning. Check your Adaptor and Cables

If there’s no problem in the wall socket, then it’s sure to let the issues in your Charger. But here, you must be sure whether the problem is in your Adaptor or Cable.

Repairing the Cables

how to fix iPhone charger cord: Due to the short-circuit, lighting, or heavy flow of current leads, your cable is damaged. If this is the case, then you have to replace your line. Repairing the threads is not possible in this case. But if the wire gets twisted at its end or the plastic coating wears out, you can fix it from home.

how to fix iphone charger cable

You can use electric tape to fix it and return to work again. Mainly if your wires get twisted, then it disconnects the power supply. That’s the first step to improving the cables.

Repairing the Adapter

Mainly the problem is seen on the adaptor of the Charger rather than the cables. Also, it’s difficult to open the adapter for the skilled workforce. If the problem is with your adaptor, then you can only option to get changed with the new one.

If there’s an internal problem in your Charger’s adapter, then it’s not possible to assemble like your phone. That’s why For better, you can upgrade the higher power of the USB Adaptor as per your iPhone’s compatibility.

Removing Gunk from Port

how to fix iPhone charger port: It is also a place where you can check if the charging port of your iPhone has been blocked by gunk, lint, or other small particles. Sometimes, your phone may not charge due to debris, gunk, or dust. It is also better to clean the charging port.

You can use your regular toothbrush to do this. Cleansing the charging port will restore your normal charging state.

How to Fix the Bent Charger?

how to fix iPhone charger metal tip: The cable tip might become bent due to some reason. This is why we cannot attach the cable tip to the port. We are unable to charge our phones because of this.

Using a pair of pliers, Using a pair of pliers, you can fix a bent tip on your Charger. To straighten the end, first,, remove the plug from your wall. Then use the pliers. You can also use a pair of scissors to remove the bent tip and then use the straightener pliers.


How do I fix a damaged iPhone cable?

There are many reasons your iPhone charging cable could be damaged. Here you just need to find out the correct problem before proceeding. You can repair your line by reconnecting it again if the wire is damaged or broken.

You will also need to purchase a new cable if the problem is caused by a short circuit.

How do I fix my iPhone charger?

It all depends on the cause. You can’t use your iPhone charger if it is damaged by overflow, current or short circuit. If the iPhone charger is damaged by overflow, current, or short-circuit, you will not be able to use it. However, You can solder average cuts and broken wires to allow you to return to work.

This means that if the Charger isn’t completely damaged, you might be able to fix it by bending back the metal prongs.

Is it safe for me to use an iPhone charger bent?

A bent iPhone charger is safe if the device’s power supply is still available. A damaged charger or inability to function correctly could cause fires or other safety hazards.

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