How to Delete a Page in Word

Sometimes while creating the documents in MS word it creates a blank page at the end of the particular document. Also, the use of tables, pictures, and other elements in the pages creates some portions of the page blank. If you don’t want an extra page in the Word document then here’s the tutorial on How to Delete a Page in Word.

Ms Word features the users to work as per their custom way. The blank or an unnecessary page makes your document looks not professional and better. For this too you must need to delete such a page in a word instantly. 

 How to Delete a Blank Page in Ms Word Document Windows

Due to some special characters or the command, you applied to cause your word to create an unhealthy space. Given the number of tabs, adding the unmentioned sized images, and the Paragraph icon consumes the space and makes it blank, that’s not good.

Here’s how you can remove or delete such Blank Page in Ms Word Document while or after creating the word file.

  • Go to the particular page and click on the area or that particular page from which you want to delete it. For ease, you can simply press the Ctrl +G to open the Go Menu. From here you can simply enter the page number to go on that page.
  • Now, you have to select the whole page that you want to delete. Here you have to choose that blank page that you want to delete. Additionally, you can also select the particular area of that page using the Mouse selection too.
How to Delete a Blank Page in Ms Word Document Windows
  • After selecting the whole page or some parts of that page you have to simply press the Backspace key or do a right-click. It opens an option from here you have to choose Delete.
How to Delete a Page in Word - select the page
  • That’s it.

How to Delete a Blank Page in Ms Word Document Mac

If you are on Mac then the steps are the same. On both platforms, Ms Word features 99% same. That’s you don’t need to learn many different steps if you are familiar with the Windows Version of Ms Word to delete a page in a Word document.

How to Delete a Page in Word?

  • Move or visit the particular page from where you want to delete the Page. For ease you can simply press the Option+⌘+G, this will open the Go as like on Windows. 
  • Now, enter the page number if you know. If not then you have to scroll down and find that page.
  • After entering the page number in the Go Menu you have to hit Enter on the keyboard. Now you will redirect to that particular page. Then click on Close it and remove the pop-up.
  • Here you have to select that particular page. If you don’t want to remove the particular page or just want to remove the space then simply select that area using the mouse.
  • After selection, you have to simply press Delete from the Keyboard or simply use the Backspace key.

Delete Page in Word Using View Method

The word features the View and Navigation tool which is used to find the particular text or paragraph in the particular document. Using this tool you can find the pages which are blanks of the words in that particular Word document. 

With the help of this tool, you can easily delete an extra page. Also, you can easily navigate the page in a single view. Here’s how you can use this tool to Delete the Page in Word Document.

  • Open the Word Document file and tap anywhere in that document.
  • Go to the View Section from there. Under the View, you have to go to the Navigation Pane. Here it will open different options to show in your sidebars like Headings, Pages and Results.
  • Hover to the Pages section in the sidebar. Now, you can see the preview of all pages at once. Here you’ve easily identified which pages are blank.
  • Now, go to that particular page and select it.
  • After selecting it simply Press the Backspace or Delete key from the Keyboard.


How to Recover a Delete Pages in Word?

If you have deleted important or wrong pages by mistake then Word lets you revert in easy steps. The Backspace key is used to get back into Computer. So, if you had done any mistakes then you can simply refix it by using the Backspace key.

How to See Blank Pages in Word?

If you’re not sure which page is Blank then you can use one simple step to see the blank pages in a single sight. You can preview all the pages in the preview pane so you can identify which page is to be removed.

Go to the View>Navigation Pane>Pages. Here you can preview the pages in the sidebar widget.

Can we delete the Entire Page in Word Document?

By selecting all you can delete whole pages of a particular document easily. For this, you can simple press the Ctrl+A on the keyboard and hit Enter, Delete or Backspace (Any of them).


By default, Microsoft doesn’t feature to Delete the Specific page. But for this, we can delete it as per its nature and needs. If the page is blank due to the big size of the text then it can be fixed by simply minimizing the size of the text. Also, the graphics and image size cause the page to be blank, here you can fix it by fixing the resolution of an image using the drag tool. Additionally, the formatting method used by you also creates the page to be blank. Here you need to clear such unmanaged format to delete that particular page automatically.

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