How to Control Android Device Remotely from PC

How to Control Android Device Remotely from PC: Controlling the Messages, Phone Calls and other notifications using your PC is possible. Although the word, Controlling doesn’t mean that you can control whole the features but you get the way to handle most of the primary features from this method. Yes, if you have decided and are in search of the method on How to Control an Android Device Remotely from a PC then this is the tutorial for you.

If you are not favoring using your phone for the games and are willing to explore it on a big screen or your phone is busy or far from you then you can take its help. After linking your phone to the PC or Laptop you are eligible for instant access to almost all the features of your phone. 

Here I mean, Controlling your Android device remotely from a PC means getting control over your phone’s messages, replying to it, making and receiving phone calls, seeing the notifications, etc. As primary. Besides you can also get access to your phone’s gallery from where you can Copy, Edit, and do many more on it.

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How to Control Android Device Remotely from PC (5 Methods !)

Here we are going to step out the best apps to control any Android device from a PC for you. With the help of such apps, we can easily control our Android device from a PC. We got the main reason for getting to remote control of the Android device is to get enjoy the multi-tasking and easy control on it.

Okay, here are the best Apps to control Android devices remotely from a PC. Also, check out the methods of how you have to proceed. 

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Method I – Control your Android Phone Remotely using Link to Windows

Link to Windows is one of the top most powerful Remote Controlling apps by Microsoft Corporation. This app features users to get control over their connected phones easily. Here you just need to connect/set up your Android phone with the PC first. Here’s how,

  • Download and Run the Link to Windows App on your phone and PC. If you are running on the latest Windows 10/11 then you can find it as the default install. 

On Mobile: Tap on Link your phone and PC. It asks you to scan the QR code there, so tap on the Continue option given there. Now, it will open your phone’s QR Scanner as shown in the image.

How to Control Android Device Remotely from PC - pairing with pc
  • On PC: Click on Get Started option given there. On the next page, it will ask you to Pair your Android phone. The first check on the box, then click on Pair with QR Code.
How to Control Android Device Remotely from a PC - use your android phone from PC
  • On Mobile; Now, after scanning the QR shown on the PC by your Android phone it will ask you to Continue. Just tap on the continue option and allow permission to access your contacts, phone calls, photos and media, SMS, etc.
  • After allowing all the permission on your phone you have to tap on the Continue option. Additionally, it will ask you to choose the performance settings on your phone. For better allow this app to run on without any restriction. 
How to Control an Android Device Remotely from a PC
  • After setting up just tap on Done. Finally, Your phone and PC are Linked
  • On PC: It shows the message You’re all set on your PC. Click on the Continue option on your PC.
  • Now, you can get and control the notifications and features of the phone from that connected PC or Laptop easily.

Method II – Control your Phone from a PC using AirDroid App

AirDriod is another coolest Platform that I Got to control your Phone from a PC remotely. Yes, you can remotely access and manage your Android phones. Also, easy to transfer the files between the Windows, Mac, and Android devices easily. 

  • Download and Run the AirDrop app/software on your both devices, Mobile phone, and PC. Besides downloading an app/ software you can also go for the web chain (For PC) to get these features.
  • Get Logged in there with your login details. Here you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account too. For better, you can use Gmail. Here you have to log in with the same login details on both devices.
  • On Mobile Phone: Allow permission to access and save photos and files on the device. After that it also asks you to get access to your security features, just allow it.
  • On PC: Go to your PC’s Airdrop either you are on the AirDrop app or Web on PC. Here once you are logged in with the same details on your phone too then it automatically syncs the devices and shows all the phones connected with that account.
  • Now, to see the sync devices just click on the shown icon like cycle or telescope. Under the My Devices, you can see all the connected devices there.
  • From the device list, select the device and then click on Remote Control there. After that, it will show your Android screen there. 
  • Now, you can control your Android device easily there.

Method III – Remote Control your Android Phone Using Samsung Flow

 Samsung Flow is the best and most trusted platform by Samsung used to control any Samsung device easily. Like other Remote control apps, this also features you to get control over the Messages, Phone calls, and many more.

Best Apps to Control Android Phones Remotely

Besides the Link to Windows, AirDrop, and SideSync there is another number of apps that will help you to get control over your notifications, phone calls, and many more. Here we have mentioned the best ways to control your Android device easily.


Vysor is a well-known free and premium platform to get control over your phone from a PC. It’s even better and easy UI as compared to the AirDroid. Here you can get the screen mirroring features. Also, there’s an option to get proper control of your phone without any special permission.


Pushbullet is another best alternative to Link to Windows and Air Droid. This app lets you control the notifications, calls, and messages on your phone. With its encryption features, it makes it to possible for syncing the message easily. 


Controlling your mobile phone and getting access to the messages, phone calls and notifications is easily managed using this app. Like the Pushbullet and Vysor App, this app lets you get control over your phone’s basic functions.

How to Control Android Device Remotely from PC: Conclusion

Getting control of your Android phones’ is one of the surprising points for many of us. Yes, with the help of a PC and Laptop we can able to get control of our device remotely. Here you just need an active internet connection and syncing features too. 

To control your phone’s almost features we have mentioned the best apps for you. Also, the full guide on how to control an Android phone remotely makes you more clear about the way how we can control and get access to the notifications, messages, phone calls, etc.

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